"More than 50% of the Dominican Republic’s economy exists within the informal sector, ie, non-registered entities that are basically micro-businesses of less than 10 employees. "

Opportunity ---------> Better Life

IDDI has a strong program of supporting this sector that is so vibrant and important to the local economies, generating both income and employment for the underprivileged population. 

Aside from having channeled to approximately 128,400 people for an amount over US$64,880,000.00 with an average size of about US$750 per loan, IDDI also implements a training program focusing on the following topics:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Understanding and Preparing Budgets,
  • The importance of Savings and
  • The basics of micro-credit.


Your gift will help us provide training for small business entities to help assure they have the knowledge they need to start and run a successful small business.