In cooperation with Rotary International and IDDI, the Dominican Foundation is supporting this facility based in the province of Barahona near the Haitian border.  The hospital provides outpatient, laboratory and diagnostic services to a population of 10,000 residents.  Community outreach has also improved access to safe drinking water through the distribution of water filters.

Healthcare & Maternal Child Care

Our focus has traditionally been on primary community-based health care with emphasis on prevention.  The activities have been in both rural and urban low-income communities and include the following:

  • HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention,
  • Tuberculosis, COVID, malaria and cholera treatment and prevention.
  • Child survival,
  • Reproductive health.

IDDI has managed several health centers, including the urban settlement of La Zurza, Bonao, Puerto Plata and Paraiso that provide the following services:

  • Emergency services,
  • Gynecology, pediatrics, general medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, emergencies and minor surgeries as well as laboratory tests.

Both modalities of work include the creation and training of voluntary health promoters in the surrounding communities and are recognized by the Ministry of Health as accredited health providers.


Your donation will help cover the cost of much needed medical treatment and prevention programs.