Our focus is on non-formal education, i.e., out of the classroom, community-based education.  These activities are life skills training, civic education, family-oriented values education, conflict resolution, solidarity, gender-based education, literacy training and other similar initiatives.

Education ---------> Opportunity

In more detail, these are the areas we support IDDI's work in:

  • Life skills training, Civic education, and personal transformation:

        Involves working with individuals in areas such as teaching tolerance, solidarity, inclusion, perseverance, etc. that strengthens          them being able to survive and grow and become a better human-being in a stressful society that often puts unattainable               demands on its members. This project concentrates on creating networks of community-based promoters, or multipliers                  capable of continuing the training on a sustained basis.

  • Family-oriented values education,
  • Working with family members in order to discover the importance of a family, how to respect, support and value your parents, siblings, or children through participative and role-playing activities.
  • Conflict resolution,

Considering the fact that IDDI works primarily in vulnerable and violence prone communities, to be able to resolve potential conflicts before they become violent is a major focus for the population, law enforcement and legal system in the Dominican Republic.  This entails the creation of networks of community-based promoters, or multipliers capable of continuing the training on a sustained basis.

  • Literacy training:
  • Many of the older population, mainly in the rural areas, do not know how to read or write.  In addition, many are functional illiterates with limited capability of reading or writing, especially among the immigrant population, primarily Haitians.  IDDI focuses on home-based actions that help in reducing the illiteracy rate in the country.
  • Gender-based education:

        In a country where 30% of the families have single-women, heads of households and are abused with constant regularity,                 discriminated, and excluded from attractive and well-paying employment opportunities, IDDI focuses much of its attention on         projects that support the role of women in Dominican society.  This includes training for gender participation, micro-business          administration and management, entrepreneurial education and other similar education activities.

  • Formal, classroom based, education:
  • IDDI has managed several schools in the country, one of which is a model for educational excellence in the Dominican Republic.  The Cigar Family Community Center provides education from pre-school to 12th grade, sports, music, dancing, art, technical vocational training, among other areas.  Located in the Province of MonseƱor Nouel, the school is internationally recognized for its achievements, including:
  • Received the first UN Global Compact Award given in the Dom. Rep.
  • School-wide Grade Point A verage (GP A) is 89 (average pre-project was 38).
  • School dropout rate of 1.5% (pre-project was 35%).
  • Only 1.20% student absenteeism rate (pre-project was 70%).
  • Eighty seven percent (87%) of graduating students enrolled in the university of their choice.
  • Highest possible score in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education, 120 of 120 (2009-2016).
  • Highest graduation rate in the Region 16 of the Ministry of Education (2006-2016).
  • Highest-grade average of the graduating classes at the Regional Level (4 consecutive years).
  • First place nationally in Spelling, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Voluntary Military Service Program, National Contest of the Congress of Councils Course, National Festival of the Francophonie of the French Embassy, the Bible Olympiad, National Story Contest Effective Schools Program
  • (PUCMM MINERD), and others.


Education is a pathway to success. Through the Life skills training, Civic education, and personal transformation focus we strive to give those in less than favorable conditions a fighting chance at the opportunities we all deserve.

Your donation will allow us to support IDDI's efforts in all of these area. Bringing opportunities to learn and grow to the young and old of the areas we serve.